Who we are

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Company Presentation

DIME S. r. l. was founded in 1978 as a representative of leading companies in the energy and automation sectors.

Over the years, it has been distinguished by the attention and competence with which it follows the technological evolution in the field of data transmission and associates the representation activity with the creation of structured cabling (1991) and the maintenance of optical networks (1992).

In a short time, thanks to the technical heritage matured and continuously updated, it moves on to the design, realization and after-sales service of integrated networks for the transmission of data, speech, images, voice and, in general, of all analog and digital signals on traditional and fiber optic support.

As activities grew, the organisation and, above all, the Company's personnel grew both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

In 1994, DIME S. r. l. obtained the qualification of "AT&T (now CommScope) SYSTEM INTEGRATOR" for the creation of SYSTIMAX® S. C. S. (STRUCTURED CABLING SYSTEM) and became DIGITAL Business Partner for the marketing of Networking products.

Today DIME S. r. l. is a partner of ALCATEL-LUCENT, Brocade, Extreme Networks, Allied Telesyn, Cisco System, Milestone, Palo Alto Networks, Syneto, Huawei; continuously since 2001 it has been part of the small group of SYSTIMAX® System Integrator and has been certified in 2009 by Daetwyler Cablesper Unilan System Program

Since 1999 DIME has expanded its activities to include wireless networks and security systems (DCV, access control, intrusion prevention, fire detection, sound diffusion) to complete the Intelligent Building System activities, well supported by the SYSTIMAX S. C. S. S. wiring system.

Since 2000 DIME has been adding the new chapter on information system security to its conventional design and implementation activities.

In 2001, DIME entered the telephony sector as a partner of Alcatel, creating interesting applications in medium-large companies in campus and city areas and, from 2004, on cruise ships in both traditional and IP environments.


DIME S. r. l. is certified for the OS19 class category. IV and OS5 class. III, has first-degree ministerial authorization for telephone exchanges and fibre-optic applications, is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified, has carried out the risk assessment, has the "Operational Safety Plan" updated in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 and is in compliance with the medical checks carried out by the Competent Doctor.

DIME S. r. l. is also authorised pursuant to DM 37/2008 (ex 46/90) for the execution of plants

Letter A electric

Letter B radio and television and electronic in general;

Letter G fire protection.

and may issue Declarations of Conformity of the plants in accordance with the Ministerial Decree. 37/2008.


The organisation

Today DIME S. r. l. has at its disposal human resources that have grown progressively with the Company in the design and after-sales assistance and professionals with a specific and qualified experience in the design and implementation of telematic networks, telephone networks, Integrated Security Systems and in the integration of heterogeneous systems.

DIME technicians possess the Manufacturer's certifications to design, install and maintain all types of systems/systems built by Dime or other installers; DIME technicians regularly follow the refresher courses offered by manufacturers both for new releases of traditional products and for new products.

Thanks to these fundamental contributions DIME S. r. l. is today qualified among the most important manufacturers of equipment and wiring systems and is therefore able to offer its customers qualified support for the analysis of needs, for the evaluation of different possible solutions and related costs / benefits, for the choice of the most suitable solutions to the specific reality of the company.


Since 2010, DIME has been adding the new chapter on information system security to its conventional design and implementation activities.